hypothermic machine perfusion

Product Name: LifePort Kidney Transporter, RM3 Renal Preservation System
Country: United Kingdom (UK)

NETSCC, HTA – NIHR Coordinating Centre for Health Technology Assessment

Outcome Measure

Discard rates of non-viable kidneys, delayed graft function (DGF) (incidence and duration) is defined as the need for dialysis in the first 7 days following transplantation, primary non-function (incidence): PNF is defined as the state of a graft that has never functioned post-transplant, graft rejection rates, graft function (glomerular filtration rate, serum creatinine concentration, urinary output), patient survival, graft survival, health-related quality of life, cost-effectiveness (p.13)

Body Classification

Kidneys and Urinary System

Device Type

Surgical instrument

Device Category

Treatment of disease

Risk Classification