mechanical catheterbased devices (removing the clot by suction, capture constructions, removable stents; mechanical percutaneous transluminal method)

Product Name: Alligator retrieval device (Chestnut Medical), Merci Retriever (Concentral Medical), NeuroWave catheter (EKOS), Penumbra System (Penumbra inc.), Phenox (Phenox), Snare (ev3), Solitaire FR Stent (EV3), Trevo (Concentral Medical)
Country: Austria (AT)

Ludwig Boltzmann Institut für Health Technology Assessment

Outcome Measure

a. Efficacy: clinical neurological status after 3 months, overall survival (1-3 months), clinical neurological status after 1 month, surrogate: successful recanalization of the intracerebral artery<br>b. Safety: Rate of symptomatic intracerebral bleeding, device-related complications (p. 13)

Body Classification

Brain and Nerves; Blood, Heart and Circulation

Device Type

Therapeutic device

Device Category

Treatment of disease

Risk Classification



cerebral infarction, stroke


I63, I64