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MELODY, transcatheter pulmonary valve, ENSEMBLE, transcatheter valve delivery system (Evidence Review, 2011)
RELAY, thoracic aortic stent-graft (Technology Assessment, Summary, 2010)
Assessment of drug-eluting stents (Health Technology Assessment, 2009)
Virtual Colonoscopy (Meta-Analysis, 2010, Summary)
SIR-Spheres, microspheres of yttrium-90 (Evidence Review, 2010)
Paradigm VEO system, insulin pump and continuous interstitial glucose monitoring device (Evidence Review, 2010)
The role of breast MRI in assessing the therapy locoregional spread of breast cancer (Technical Assessment, Summary)
Cervical length measurement with transvaginal ultrasonography (HTA, Summary, 2010)
Autoset CS, adaptive servo-ventilation machines (Evidence Review, 2010)
High Intensity Focalized Ultrasound for the treatment of localized prostate cancer (Health Technology Assessment, 2010, Summary)
Treatment with implant-supported dentures in adults with multiple tooth agenesis related to a rare disease (HTA, 2010, Summary)
Assessment of breast implants, tissue expanders and external breast prostheses (Technology Assessment, 2010)
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