Medical Services Advisory Committee


Multi-slice computed tomography coronary angiography in the visualisation of coronary arteries (Assessment report 2007)
Real-time measurement of cardiac output and other cardiac flow parameters (without concurrent cardiac imaging) using continuous wave Doppler techniques (Assessment Report, 2009)
Remote monitoring systems for patients with implanted cardiac devices (Assessment Report, 2008)
Endovenous laser therapy (ELT) for varicose veins (Assessment Report, 2008)
Final Decision Analytic Protocol (DAP) to guide the assessment of radiofrequency ablation for the treatment of varicose veins due to chronic venous insufficiency (Document, 2012)
Pulmonary Artery Catheterisation (PAC) (Draft Review Report, 2011)
Use of artificial disc replacement in patients with cervical degenerative disc disease (Technology Assessment, 2010)
Review of interim funded service: Artificial intervertebral disc replacement – lumbar (Assessment Report, 2011)
Review of interim funded service: Vertebroplasty and new review of Kyphoplasty (SR, 2011)
Computer-navigated total knee arthroplasty (Assessment Report, 2009)
Deep brain stimulation for dystonia and essential tremor (Assessment Report, 2008)
Vagus nerve stimulation for epilepsy (Assessment Report, 2008)
Sacral nerve stimulation for urinary indications (Assessment Report, 2008)
MRI for staging of rectal carcinoma (assessment report, 2008)
Capsule endoscopy for the diagnosis of suspected small bowel Crohn’s disease (Assessment Report, 2011)
Items for the surgical treatment of obesity (Review, 2010)
Decision Analytic Protocol (DAP) to guide the assessment of the insertion of colonic stents for the management of malignant bowel obstructions (Document, 2011)
Endoscopic argon plasma coagulation of gastrointestinal bleeding and oesophageal stents(Assessment report, 2008)
Radiofrequency ablation for Barrett’s oesophagus with dysplasia (Assessment Report, 2010)
Intragastric balloons for the temporary management of morbid obesity (Assessment report, 2008)
Middle ear implant for sensorineural, conductive and mixed hearing losses (Assessment Report, 2010)
Optical Coherence Tomography (Assessment Report, 2008)
Review of Medicare-funded ophthalmology services(first-stage) (Review, 2011)
Review of Medicare-funded ophthalmology services (second-stage) (Protocol Review, 2012)
Digital mammography for breast cancer screening, surveillance and diagnosis (assessment report 2007)
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