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Bandscheiben-prothesen (SR, 2010)Ludwig Boltzmann Institut für Health Technology Assessment
Bypass surgery performed with or without the use of heart-lung machine (HTA Summary, 2012)Danish Centre for Health Technology Assessment
Bildgesteuerte Strahlentherapie mittels Cone-beam Computertomo-graphie (SR, 2009)Ludwig Boltzmann Institut für Health Technology Assessment
Bone graft substitutes for the treatment of traumatic fractures of the extremities (HTA + summary HTA, 2012)The German Agency for Health Technology Assessment (DAHTA) at The German Agency for Health Technology Assessment (DIMDI)
Bewertung des Nutzens einer Früherkennungs-untersuchung für Personen unter 55 Jahren mit familiärem Darmkrebsrisiko (HTA, 2012)Institut für Qualität und Wirtschaftlichkeit im Gesundheitswesen
Bariatric Surgery for Severe Obesity: Systematic Review and Economic Evaluation (SR, 2010)Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technologies in Health
Bariatric treatments for adult obesity (HTA, 2012)Institute of Health Economics
Breast tomosynthesis: a breast cancer screening tool (Horizon Scan Technology, Summary 2009)Adelaide Health Technology Assessment
Brachytherapy & proton beam therapy for treatment of clinically-localized, low-risk prostate cancer (Technology Assessment, 2008)Institute for Clinical and Economic Review
Brachytherapy to treat different types of cancer: an overview of the evidence (systematic review, 2011)NHS Quality Improvement Scotland
Bariatric surgery in adults (rapid report, 2010)NHS Quality Improvement Scotland
Brachytherapy as the sole method of adjuvant radiotherapy for breast cancer after local excision (Interventional procedure guidance, 2008)National Institute for Health and Care Excellence
Brief Overview: Transcranial magnetic stimulation for depression (Overview, 2010)VA Technology Assessment Program
Breast Cancer diagnosis using ultrasound elasticity imaging (Horizon Scanning Technology, Summary update, 2008)Adelaide Health Technology Assessment
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