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What is the clinical and cost effectiveness of microprocessor controlled artificial knees compared with non-microprocessor controlled alternatives? (Rapid Review, 2012)Healthcare Improvement Scotland
What is the relative clinical effectiveness, cost effectiveness and safety of different bariatric surgery techniques (gastric bypass, gastric banding and sleeve gastrectomy)? (Scoping Report, 2012)Healthcare Improvement Scotland
Wearable artificial kidney (WAK): Portable dialysis for patients with chronic kidney disease (Horizon Scanning, Summary, 2009)Adelaide Health Technology Assessment
WatchBP Home A for opportunistically detecting atrial fibrillation during diagnosis and monitoring of hypertension (medical technology guidance, 2013)National Institute for Health and Care Excellence
What is the clinical and cost effectiveness of temporal artery thermometers compared with infrared in-ear thermometers for temperature measurement in routine clinical practice? (Technologies scoping report, 2012)NHS Quality Improvement Scotland
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