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Laser-induced Interstitial Thermal Therapy for Liver Metastases (Horizon Scan, 2011)Swedish Council on Technology Assessment in Health Care
Laser Technology for Removal of Caries (Horizon Scan, 2009)Swedish Council on Technology Assessment in Health Care
Laparoscopic insertion of a magnetic bead band for gastro-oesophageal reflux disease (interventional procedure guidance, 2012)National Institute for Health and Care Excellence
La mamografia digital en el cribado del cancer de mama. Evaluacion de su eficacia y de su introduction en el programa de detection precoz del cancer de mama de la comunidad autonoma del pais vasco [Digital mammograms in breast cancer screening. Assessment of their efficiency and inclusion in the Early Breast Cancer Detection Programme of the Basque Country] (SR, 2011)Basque Office for Health Technology Assessment
Laserangioplastie der Koronargefäße (SR, 2010)Ludwig Boltzmann Institut für Health Technology Assessment
Longevity of dental amalgam in comparison to composite materials (HTA + summary HTA, 2008)The German Agency for Health Technology Assessment (DAHTA) at The German Agency for Health Technology Assessment (DIMDI)
Laparoscopic ventral hernia repair: a systematic review (SR 2008)Australian Safety and Efficacy Register of New Interventional Procedures – Surgical
LifePort® kidney transporter: Portable donor kidney transporter/ perfuser (Horizon Scan Technology, Summary 2009)Adelaide Health Technology Assessment
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